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John Maracich III They defy categorization because they're creating the categories with every song. Their influences are eclipsed by their influence. Check out Retro - your future self will hate you if you delay! Favorite track: The Love.
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Our first EP!

Three newly released tracks and our first two singles are all here.


released February 28, 2015

RETROELECTRO is Joseph Avalos on bass, Chris Kain on drums, Hugo Miranda on guitar and vocals, and Emmett Mayer on guitar and vocals.

All songs written by RETROELECTRO.

Produced by Jack Miele.



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RetroElectro New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: All Day

Always talking
Filling up the airwaves
Big blue eyes but saying next to nothing

Girl in the red shoes
Got the bad weather blues
Talkin 24-7 to commercial

Cancer in the lattes
Sugar in the subways
Pension-losing union and the Tea Party

Guy on the right side
Guy on the left
Always talkin' loud but saying nothing

All day...

But those girls are always oh so pretty
I give in to what they say
But as long as the mute is on
I can go about, I can go about my day
Track Name: T-Rex

Don’t you want to take a walk now, baby
Take me into your little world, I'm flying
She begins a sentence tells me maybe
I'll be walking down the line and mile

I’m driving home

Loosely thinking about everything now baby
Riding up and down beside my T-Rex
Driving up to go down, standing up off the ground
Running up the biggest farthest mercy

See it coming into view now
One on one you see it all
Feel me crashing into you now
Feel it all, feel it all

She's good with the finality of my goodbye
And mainly that we're only here to try
When you see them all-in-tow, all night long
Believe it when you hit that wall
Track Name: She Denies It

Just being here today
Something's gone so wrong
She wouldn’t think it in the aisle
But I’m an altered man

Here too, nearly was
Somehow always knowing
It's nearer to the end
Near as day to day

She sees the common lies
Tired of frigid doubt
Now I know I’m near
Near the end

She denies it
This isn't flying
No more lying
She denies it

What is has never been
I'm reading every sign
And feeling all the same
A long day ending
Track Name: Dreaming of the Moon

I don't want to get out of bed
I don't want to raise my head
But I don't want to live a day without you

Give-and-take in orbiting
Gravity in everything
I could never be the same without you

I don't want to traverse the waves
Caesar spends what Jesus saves
There's no incentive to behave without you

Halfway out of the dark from me
Maybe last for eternity
Wouldn't be much more left to see without you

Something bigger, yeah
A pull on my heart
I think of you when I'm dreaming of the moon

And if you fell into me
There'd be rings around my heart
I'd miss you when I'm dreaming of the moon
Track Name: The Love

Yeah you rite. There's that feeling
This is it. You never stopped believing
He's in sight, And it's time
And you know it. A feeling so sublime

And you heard all the things they said
But you knew there was a better way

It's the love that you've been waiting for
The love that you've been waiting for
Something better, yeah there's something more
The love that you've been waiting for

So you tried, for a season
Deep inside, you never found the reason
That was then, this is now
He's not him, just a fierce intensity of wow